Using Transportation to Elevate a Concert

Julia McDonald is an up and coming artist from Orlando. With a distinct catchy quality to her music, it's easy to become a fan. This makes it the perfect type of show to catch! If you're a fan of pop, EDM, indie and soul influences, listen up! You're sure to have a great time heading out to one of her performances. She has been praised by noteworthy sources like USA Today, and the music speaks for itself. Be sure to stream some tunes on Spotify or purchase on ITunes to support her work such as her new single "Put On A Show".


A great way to approach a concert experience like Julia's upcoming gig at the new Daytona One is to reserve professional transportation. Everybody knows that driving to and from a live music performance can be a bit irritating when you consider traffic or dealing with the GPS in an unfamiliar place. With a hired car service or party bus, you don't have to worry about any of these things, and you can even consider inviting a group of friends along for the ride.


Don't miss Julia's performance on January 14 at 2PM in Daytona Beach and listen to her much anticipated new single "Put On A Show"! For details on transportation in the area, head over to Orlando Party Bus Rental FL.